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A staple of Cubs’ activity is linked to the earning of badges. These badges are a tangible reward in an enormous variety of activities and are awarded on the basis of effort. Children are challenged to reach standards in their chosen activity that is appropriate to their individual level of ability and aptitude.  In all cases it is most important for a Cub to “do their best” when working for a badge and it is the effort made by the Cub rather than the absolute standard reached that determines the awarding of the badge. This scheme not only encourages the development of new skills but also results in an enormous boost in confidence and sense of pride at a personal level.


Going on camps provides many cubs with the opportunity to participate and enjoy outdoor activities with their peers in a safe and supervised environment. The camps are strictly regulated to ensure that fun is had by all. There is no bullying, bad language or electronic equipment allowed. Children enjoy traditional pursuits and games and help with all necessary jobs to ensure the camp runs smoothly. Parents would be astonished at the enthusiasm of their children to wash up, fold bedding, collect firewood etc in the camp and other tasks that might be met with groans of dismay at home.

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Monday Cubs 7pm : Alan, Mary,  Joe, Frank, Yvonne, Lisa, Drew

Thursday Cubs 7pm : Patricia, Kevin, Eoin, Nathalie, Bernard, Aisling

How to contact us:

Monday Cubs email: [email protected]

Section Leader : Alan Metcalfe: 086 3856664

Thursday Cubs email : [email protected]

Section Leader : Patricia Carton