Beavers Summer Camp – Larch Hill July 9th -11th July


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July 9th – July 11th :​​​​​​​​Meeting Format – Outdoor/Camp ** Sleeping in individual Tents
Location: Set‐Down Area:
Beavers Summer Camp in Larch hill
Drop Off Time: 5.30pm Friday 9th
Collection Time: 11.30am Sunday 11th

What to Bring:
Rain Trousers
Rain Jacket
Spare trousers
Spare Socks
Waterproof Boots / Wellies

Warm Sleeping Bag
Camping Mat
Warm Clothes to Sleep in

Torch / Spare Batteries

Tooth Brush / Toothpaste
2 Face cloths
1 Towel
Shower Gel

Plastic Bag for wet / dirty clothes

Plate, bowl, cup and cutlery (knife, fork, spoon)
Tea Towel

Knecker & Full Uniform Required